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Open Source Minecraft Client with plenty of features and customization.


  • AutoGG

    AutoGG automatically says "gg" after a game has ended on Hypixel.
  • Auto MyPosition

    Requires VIP on Hypixel.
    Auto MyPosition runs /myposition once you join a Hypixel game. This allows you to see what position you are on the leaderboards.
  • Autotip

    Autotip automatically tips all active Network Boosters and other Autotip users on the Hypixel Network, allowing the user to collect coins, karma, and experience over time.
  • Block Overlay

    Block Overlay allows you to change the style, thickness and color of the box that shows the selected block.
  • Bossbar Customization

    Bossbar Customization mod allows you to select what bossbar elements you want to be visible, edit the position, and change the scale.
  • ChatTriggers

    A framework that allows for client modifications to be scripted in JavaScript.
  • ChromaHUD

    ChromaHUD is a Minecraft Mod to show custom information on your screen.
  • Chunk Animator

    When new chunks are loaded in vanilla minecraft they simply "appear instantly", with this mod they can be animated to either appear from below or above.
  • Compact Chat

    Make chat easier to read by removing duplicate messages.
  • Custom Crosshair

    Custom Crosshair allows you to change the style, thickness, size and color of the crosshair.
  • Custom Reach Display Mod

    Hyperium Reach Display Mod is an exclusive mod that adds the distance of the hits directly in the world where they happened.
  • Glint Colorizer

    Glint Colorizer allows you to change toggle and change the enchantment glint on items.
  • Item Physics

    Make item drops a little more realistic.
  • Keystrokes

    Keystrokes enables the ability to show the WASD, left and right click, and the spacebar status keys on screen.
  • Levelhead

    Levelhead is a Minecraft Mod created for the Hypixel Network to show a player's network level above their head.
  • Motion Blur Mod

    Motion blur enables the ability to add motion blur when moving in Minecraft.
  • Mouse Bind Fix

    Mouse Bind Fix fixes an issue where keybinds bound to mouse buttons do not work in inventories in Minecraft.
  • Mouse Delay Fix

    Mouse Delay Fix fixes the mouse delay bug which causes your actual block and entity interaction position to be one tick behind your crosshair.
  • Nick Hider

    Nick Hider will do its best to detect and mask your name on Hypixel.
  • Old Animations

    Old Animations is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to have 1.7 animations in 1.8.
  • Time Changer

    Changes the time of day from the player's perspective, so that your game can be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Vanilla Enhancements

    Vanilla Enhancements is an adaptation of OrangeMarshalls' mod that adds enhancements to several key parts of the game.
  • Perspective Mod

    Perspective Mod is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to view your character in at any angle by modifying camera placement.
  • Sidebar Mod

    Sidebar Mod is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to edit the scoreboard placement and size.
  • ToggleChat

    ToggleChat is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to toggle the visibility of specific chat messages on the Hypixel Network.


Performance & Memory Improvements

Hyperium addresses many issues within Minecraft that negatively affect performance and memory leaks. As a result, you should see a more stable game with a higher average frame rate and less memory usage.

Advanced Customization

Control many features within Minecraft that are not normally controllable.


Hyperium adds many purchasable cosmetics including Custom Particle Auras, Capes, Wings, Ears, Hats, Companions, and more.

Discord Rich Presence

Let your friends know what server you're on while playing Minecraft!

Privacy Policy

What data does Hyperium Collect?

When using Hyperium, the client and integrated mods send a few small pieces of information to a remote server in exchange for a temporary token for accessing data from Hypixel. This information includes your Minecraft UUID and username, Minecraft Version, Client Version and specific mod being used. This information is processed and used to determine if the client is out of date or if the client should abort the startup procedure.

What we do with the data

The data is stored securely for analytic purposes. We will never sell or release the data collected from specific users. You may request to download your data at any time. All analytic graphs may be viewed on