Hyperium is a Free and Open-source Minecraft Client with HUDs and other popular mods



Autofriend automatically accepts all friend requests on Hypixel.

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AutoGG 2.0

AutoGG automatically says "gg" after a game has ended on Hypixel.

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Autotip 3.0

Autotip automatically tips all active Network Boosters and other Autotip users on the Hypixel Network (hypixel.net), allowing the user to collect coins, karma, and experience over time.

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AutoWho automatically run the "/who" command before a ranked game has started on Hypixel.

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Blockoverlay allows you to change the style, thickness and color of the box that shows the selected block.

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ChromaHUD 3.0

ChromaHUD is a Minecraft Mod to show custom information on your screen.

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Custom Crosshair

Custom Crosshair allows you to change the style, thickness, size and color of the crosshair.

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Fortnite Compass Mod

Fortnite Compass Mod adds a bar at the top of your screen indicating the direction you are facing.

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Glint Colorizer

Glint Colorizer allows you to change toggle and change the enchantment glint on items.

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KeystrokesMod 4.1.1

KeystrokesMod enabled the ability to show the AWSD, left and right click, and the spacebar status keys onscreen.

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Levelhead 5.0

Levelhead is a Minecraft Mod created for the Hypixel Network mc.hypixel.net to show a player's network level above their head.

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Motion Blur Mod

Motion blur enabled the ability to add motion blur when moving in Minecraft.

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OldAnimations 1.0

OldAnimations is a Minecraft Mod to turn back Minecraft 1.7 animations.

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PerspectiveMod 1.0

PerspectiveMod is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to view your character in at any angle by modifying camera placement.

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SidebarMod 1.0

SidebarMod is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to edit the scoreboard placement and size

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Custom Reach Display Mod

Hyperium Reach Display Mod is an exclusive mod that adds the distance of the hits directly in the world where they happened.

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ToggleChat 1.0

ToggleChat is a Minecraft Mod that allows you to toggle the visibility of specific chat messages on the Hypixel Network.

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Orange Marshall Vanilla Enhancements

Orange Marshall Vanilla Enhancements adds enhancements to several key parts of the game.

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Performance enchantments

Hyperium addresses many issues within Minecraft that negatively affect performance. As a result, you should see a more stable game with a higher average frame rate.


Hyperium adds many purchasable cosmetics including custom particle auras, capes, wings, ears, dragon head and more.

Advanced Customization

Control many features within Minecraft that are not normally controllable.

Discord Rich Presense

Let your friends know what games you are playing with Minecraft!

Privacy Policy

What data does Hyperium Collect?

When using Hyperium, the client and integrated mods send a few small pieces of information to a remote server in exchange for a temporary token for accessing data from Hypixel. This information includes your Minecraft UUID and username, Minecraft Version, Client Version and specific mod being used. This information is processed and used to determine if the client is out of date or if the client should abort the startup procedure. Hyperium may also collect the servers you play on and the duration of time spent on servers.

What we do with the data

The data is stored securely for analytic purposes. We will never sell or release the data collected from specific users. All analytic graphs may be viewed on sk1er.club/graphs/hyperium